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Blott builds your search engine rankings, gives you a platform for promoting content, and helps crowd out negative press in your search results. We give you the ability to interact in a meaningful way with your customers and collect valuable feedback in the process.

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The purpose of social media marketing.

Social media is critical to effective digital marketing. Over 80{0ecd595b29ef319c898ff1d73389a9695fd3f4b3b0ab928fd195a98cfe8a3829} of South Africans use social media in one or more of its various forms, and it’s expected there will be 2.77 billion social media users by 2019. With so many people using social media everyday, your business is digitally invisible if you don’t have a profile somewhere. You can’t afford to leave such a large potential audience remain untapped.


Sometimes the hardest part of growing a business is making sure potential customers know that you exist in the first place. In this context, social media functions like community bulletin boards, allowing you to put your name out where everyone can see it. The more places you can display your name online, the more likely you are to be found in relevant search results, leading to more traffic, and more customers.

First and foremost, creating social media profiles increases your chances to be found by a web search. That’s because, among other reasons, social media sites are large brands, so profiles on their sites frequently rank in the top ten search results. What’s more, you’ll come up on internal searches performed on a give platform if you have a profile on that site. Bottom line—the more high-ranking pages you can put your company’s name on, the more likely you are to be found.

The most engaging content in the world can’t help your business if no one ever sees it. Social media platforms are excellent distribution channels—posting your content puts it in a place where people visit frequently (even daily, in some cases). Best of all, if you build an audience that follows you regularly, they’ll be receiving notifications each time you post something new. It’s hard to beat that kind of publicity.

Social media does more than provide a space for your customers to tell you what you’re doing wrong. It gives you a chance to interact with customers, to respond to both their compliments and concerns, and to get them excited about your business. As you connect with them, and they share and respond to the content you post, customer engagement will increase.

It’s difficult to succeed in business without evaluating your own performance every so often, and one of the most effective ways to measure how well you’re serving your customers is to collect customer feedback. Platforms like Facebook make collecting feedback easy, as customers can comment, review, and leave a rating for your business. It’s an easy way to determine where your team can improve, and it’s free.

Web analytics refers to the measurement and analysis of user behavior to your website. The data that is collected through this practice is used to understand how users are interacting with your site and how these interactions can be improved.

A successful web analytics strategy does more than simply record statistics. It provides context for the data it gathers, identifies metrics that are driving performance, and directs action for stakeholders and potential customers alike. With the wealth of information now at the world’s fingertips, business professionals in nearly every industry are leaning on data. That’s because a healthy analytics environment produces empirical evidence that can inform and guide important business decisions.

Web analytics and business intelligence services use an assortment of strategies and tools to improve the functionality and performance of your website in order to drive customers to your brick-and-mortar locations.

Send personalized emails that your prospects will look forward to receiving and subsequently measure which messages are most effective.

Marketing automation is a strategy where you manage, plan, measure, and coordinate all the marketing efforts of your organization—online and offline. It not only helps reduce manual processes and repetitive tasks that suck up all your time, but it also streamlines your marketing efforts to turn promising leads into repeat customers. It tracks what you’re doing right (or wrong), gives you insight into why, and gives you the tools to do something about it. Most of all, marketing automation is the great multiplier—it fuels the success of your entire business.


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