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Vehement Youth

Vehement Youth is a multifaceted Fashion Based Organization with an online market place that looks to provide a platform for the fashion forward creative.


Committed to the Vehement Youth user experience

Vehement Youth is a multifaceted ‘Fashion Based Organization’. Centred around an online market place, we are a culture of likeminded, fashion forward individuals consistently looking to challenge what is readily fashionably acceptable.

Vehement Youth prides themselves on their motto “ You Do You” and this means we hold no fashion bias as we continuously look to showcase, celebrate and inspire creativity expressed through style.

As an Online Market Place –

We Vehement Youth looks to provide a digital space in which designer/brands can market and sell their merch. This means THEY DO NOT HOLD ANY STOCK! They provide the platform and facilitate the sale where after, the order and payment are forwarded directly to the designers/brands, who are then responsible for ensuring delivery of the products to the buyer.

As an Editorial/Fashion based Media House –

Their aggressive marketing tactics see them interacting with the fashion forward public as they continuously strive to evidence a strategic combination of ‘on the street trends’ and ‘designer developments’, as they try to ensure that you always remain in the fashion know.

By documenting ‘On the Scene’ fashion trends, they hope to shift focus away from product push, and allow the fashion forward public to be a driver of influence.

As a Culture –

They are continuously looking for the likeminded to inspire creativity and drive development. They are a platform that provides a voice to the ‘Up and Coming’, an opportunity to the ‘Aspirational’ and inspiration to the ‘Creative’.

We established a long-term relationship with the Vehement Youth team, focused on working together on its digital offerings and utilities. Through designing websites, apps, and services, we have concentrated on bringing a better experience to their users


Vehement Youth's principles are clear

As an organization embodied by like-minded, fashion forward enthusiasts with a deepened knowledge and understanding of the industry, Vehement Youth is wholly committed to disrupting the fashion industry by creating a revolutionary space that connects emerging designers to fashion enthusiasts. In so doing, Vehement allows these likeminded individuals a voice, through content creation, to influence fashion trends, and further facilitates end sales between the two parties.

As a team, they have the perfect combination of creative and strategic thinking. They believe that it is their passion for fashion and out of the box thinking, coupled with a shared sense of determination to succeed, that sets them apart from the rest and will assist them in becoming a reputable influencer within the industry.


Stand the test of time

Our vision for Vehement Youth was to create a brand that could stand the test of time and that provided a platform and framework for SME’s and entrepreneurs that inspired them to grow organically through the positive influence and learnings of their greater network. We worked with Vehement Youth to create a unique sleek marketplace for the brand that was perfectly aligned with their ambitions. From identity and to the digital platform and content within it, we brought their personality to life, exceeding their expectations to  bringing together both form and functionality in a brand ecosystem where customers can connect with content that they’re interested in, and shop for things they value–products that support their lifestyles.

Design & Development Team

Scott Whiteley — User Experience & Development
Benjamin Yang — Design & Development
Shane Bird — Development

Vehement Youth Team

Matthew Harebottle — Founder (2015)
Michael Glass — Founder (2015)
Shane Bird — Director (2016)